Tikal Access

The closest airport is in the Guatemalan town of Flores, 90 minutes away by bus. Guatemala City is located 536 km south of Tikal, thus a bus would take at least 8 hours.  Belize City, located just 3 hours east of Tikal is another starting point for visitors.

Tikal Tours

From Flores, you can take tour companies. A return ticket with a guide will usually cost 100 GTQ or around 70 GTQ without a guided tour.

If you come from Belize City, once at the border you may find a collective that will take you less than two hours to arrive at Tikal and will cost no more than 100 GTQ.

Alternatively, there are buses from the border to Flores and from Flores, you have plenty of options to arrive at Tikal.

Tour buses arrive late in the morning and leave by mid-afternoon, leaving the most evocative times of day, early morning and twilight, to those who stay in the park.

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